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Generational agriculture, which inspires a new generation of farmers to promote bison farming

The secret ingredient to being in agriculture is passion. The passion to see living things evolve, to enjoy the great outdoors, to work hard and hard, sometimes at impossible hours. The passion to create, from basic resources, a high quality product that allows you to nourish yourself. It is also this contagious passion for agriculture that guided me into this field and I greatly thank the people I met along the way who led me there.

Add to this passion a hint of entrepreneurship (and madness) and you have bison... The choice of bison was made for me initially by love at first sight. Then, pushing my thinking further, they are majestic animals, very hardy and resistant to all environmental conditions in addition to producing delicious and very nutritious meat! Of course, not all of these qualities are without flaws. Bison are difficult to handle, therefore requiring somewhat larger facilities to properly care for them. Nothing insurmountable with a pinch of ingenuity.

Bison breeding has, in my opinion, a lot of potential in the future of agriculture, through its hardiness, its ability to withstand temperature variations and bad weather, its ability to convert plant fibers into nourishing products for us and which then allows us to develop land where no other agricultural products would grow other than fodder.

The future is in bison!

Anouk 👩‍🌾

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