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Frequently Asked Questions


Order - Pickup - Refund

If I want to buy meat, how does it work?

It is possible to purchase from the online store when the desired products are in stock.

Go to the store, add the desired products to your basket then proceed to payment. You will receive an invoice by email with a code to enter our store to collect your order. You will have one or more bags with your name in a freezer.

Take your groceries home and store them in the freezer. Conservation is optimal for up to 8 months.

The product I wish to purchase is no longer in stock.

Slaughters take place almost every month. Parts will therefore be put back into inventory almost every month.

It is possible to register on the alert system on the desired product sheet to receive a message when it becomes available again.

Otherwise, follow social networks, we will keep you informed!

When can I pick up my order?

Orders will be prepared on Thursday to be available from Friday in the store. We ask you to respect the deadline of a few days to pick up your order in order to free up space for new orders.

You have a problem, write to us, we will make arrangements.

However, after 14 days without pickup or news, your order will be canceled and refunded with the exception of a $50 handling fee.

If I want to come see the store before buying, is that possible?

We plan to have some weekend opening hours on site.

Follow our social networks or subscribe to the newsletter to be informed!

If I am not satisfied with my products, can I get a refund?

Obviously, when you leave with fresh products, the order is not returnable or refundable. If you have a quality concern with a product, please contact us to let us know.


The best meat in Quebec!

Is bison good for your health?

Bison is a very nutrient-dense meat, lower in calories and lower in fat and cholesterol than all common meats found on the market (beef, chicken, pork, fish). It is sought after for its high protein content and its higher iron, zinc, B vitamins and omega 3 content.

What does bison meat taste like?

Bison actually has a stronger taste than beef, but is milder than wild meats such as venison. Bison meat has a sweeter and more complex taste than beef.

Is it cooked the same as beef?

Since bison is lean and denser in protein, it is very important to adapt the cooking time of your meat for the pieces to be grilled and avoid overheating them. Recommended cooking is medium rare. Consult our cooking charter here or consult our cooking section under each product.

Are there allergens in your products?

Cut bison meat does not contain any allergens or gluten. For ready-to-eat products, allergens are indicated on each product sheet.

Likewise, many people with an intolerance to bovine protein report being able to eat bison without any hassle, but consult your healthcare professional for confirmation.

The buffalo

A fascinating animal to discover!

Can we visit your farm?

At this time, no tours are available, but we plan to start farm tours when we are ready. Keep an eye on our social media to stay up to date!

Is bison a kind of cow?

The bison is a ruminant of the cattle family just like the cow, but it is a species in its own right (like the dog and the fox are from the same canid family, but not the same species). They are animals that are similar in behavior and diet, but have physical differences.

What do your bison eat?

Our bison are exclusively grass-fed. It is the special power of ruminants to be able to transform plant fiber into nutrients that are consumable by us humans. To ensure good health of the herd, we have a self-service mineral which provides the missing elements according to a recipe balanced by an animal nutritionist. Thus, no grain is given to the animals, since in our opinion, this is the most ecological way to raise animals and the most ethical for food safety.

Don't bison get cold outside in winter?

Bison are very well adapted to both hot and very cold temperatures. Their coat thickens in the fall with a longer coat to waterproof the coat as well as a small, short, soft coat, similar to down, which insulates the animal on the bottom. Obviously, the animals are protected from high winds by the large trees surrounding the field and food as well as a heated water source is available at all times to meet their energy needs!

Do you use antibiotics or hormones?

No, no hormones are given to the animals and no antibiotics are given on a routine basis. However, if an animal becomes ill and requires antibiotics, we will certainly take care of getting it back on its feet. Please note, however, that a significant withdrawal period is required before the animal having received antibiotics is slaughtered.

At what age do you slaughter your bison?

Bison are generally slaughtered between 24 and 40 months of age in Canada. We aim for 24 to 30 months on our farm to optimize the tenderness of the meat.

Is bison meat more expensive than chicken meat?

Obviously, bison meat is more expensive than many other animal proteins. Several factors explain this.

First, the slaughter age is much later than all other animals (e.g. beef between 18 and 24 months), the gain is less and the meat yield is also lower than all other animals. Thus, expenses are higher per animal raised.

Additionally, our grazing system, our code of ethics for animals and our desire to feed hay only requires additional arm juice and facilities. Bison meat, denser than other meats in terms of nutrients, is also aged for 14 days and vacuum-packed. All these factors make our meat a very high quality product in terms of taste, quality, ethics and environment.

These efforts to provide you with a product that respects values ​​have a price!

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