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bison en hiver


Since I was little, I have been a lover of nature, the outdoors and animals. As soon as my legs were long enough, I followed my father hunting. And who says hunting, also says ethical meat and health, good meals, good cooking and family reunions. Hunting in my family has always been a festive moment which, for me, closely links nature and food. It was also important to my parents that we understood where our food came from, which is the origin of this project.

Agriculture came into my life somewhat by chance. Passionate about animals, I wanted to become a large animal veterinarian. After a few diversions, I landed in the agronomy program at Laval University. I literally fell in love with agriculture during my internship in agricultural production. During my second year, my passion for bison was passed on to me during a visit to the Chouinard Bisons in St-Jean-Port-Joli. Bison are extremely imposing, calm, strong and above all very rustic. Little by little, the idea formed in my mind to start my big game farm, mainly with bison. I have also always taken citizen education about agriculture to heart, which made me develop the agrotourism component.

This is how I am today realizing this dream: having my bison farm with a shop on the farm allowing me to sell my products and take advantage of Estrie agrotourism to inform the people on today's agriculture and big game breeding. In addition, people are putting more and more importance on ecology, locality and animal welfare, which they will be able to find in my breeding.


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