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Regenerative agriculture that rebuilds
our soils and improves biodiversity

The current site of the farm is bordered by a protected wetland that I have been around for several years now and that I see living and evolving. On the other side, the pasture is surrounded by forest and the magnificent Mount Hereford which overlooks our pitch. Respect for this environment was essential in the foundation of my business.

Regenerative agriculture is what I do. But what is it? As its name indicates, it aims to regenerate, to resource, to restore, firstly the raw material, the soil, but also all the other components such as water and air of the ecosystem. Bison are recognized for their great capacity for regeneration. In addition to being a species native to North America, its natural grazing behavior. Bison migrated by eating as they passed, dispersing plant seeds in their droppings and creating a unique environment behind them for wildlife. This phenomenon was called the green wave. Thanks to the disturbance and fertilization of their passage, the environment became green.

“Modern humans are overfed, but they suffer from malnutrition. Food has never been more affordable, but it's also much less nutritious than before. » 1

The bison also rightly intervenes at this level. Its meat is much more nutrient dense than beef, chicken, pork and salmon. Fed only on hay, bison are also very tasty.

In addition, regenerative agriculture ensures that the resources of the ecosystem in which I currently work are still healthy and viable for future generations who will also have to feed themselves!

Anouk 👩‍🌾



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